Gary plays the standards and the classics. In his earlier life he dabbled in Jazz, especially during his stay with the Navy Band. But he has always loved the American Popular Songs, 1920-1960, especially because of that part of our nation’s history in which the great composers and poets joined forces in “Tin Pan Ally”, on the Broadway stage and in the Hollywood movies.


Gary often introduces his playing by describing the lives and music of these great song-writers. He relates how George Gershwin remains the great icon of American music. He describes how Jerome Kern gave us thrilling operatic melodies with sudden modulations. Many are surprised to learn that the lyrics for Kern's "Long Ago and Far Away" were by Ira Gershwin. With Hoagy Carmichael Gary says that the American Popular Song reverted to its populist roots, as he demonstrates in “Georgia on my Mind.” And Gary loves to play the “Harlem Stride” style of Fats Waller: Just listen to his recordings of “Ain’t Misbehavin’” and “Honeysuckle Rose.”


Although Gary spends most of his practice time with the classics he regrets that he has little opportunity to play them in public. He believes that a concert setting, where people listen, is necessary to give the classics their proper respect. But on the rare occasion when he is asked to play for someone who wants to listen he will gladly turn to the classics.


About his training and influences, Gary says, “I was privileged to have studied piano with Frank Denke.  Toward the end of his career, Frank played at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco.  With neither the ability to imitate his playing, nor the audacity to try, I wanted to record my CDs as I would hope to play in the same setting.  On ‘Background Music’ I chose some light classics.  On ‘As Time Goes By’ I played some standards.  I hope you enjoy the music.”

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“I have always loved the American Popular Songs, 1920-1960.”

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