The Ampico Reproducing Piano

“I’ve been at the piano most of my life.  A few years ago I was given an upright Knabe with an Ampico reproducer.  Although I invested heavily in restoring it, I remain fascinated by its music and its history.


“I lecture on the history of American popular music.  While at it I play and even sing some examples. But as I’m rarely at home on those occasions my discourse on the importance of the player piano on our country’s musical progress goes without example.


“So I recorded some of my Ampico rolls to liven up my lectures.  Then I compiled a few of them on a CD.  I got a license for “Ain’t She Sweet” from the Harry Fox Agency.  The other American songs were published before 1923: they’re in the public domain.  I included the Polonaise to show the role of the Ampico in classical music.  I hope this CD reaches others who share my interest in this part of our history.


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Below is a picture of Gary’s Knabe Ampico Reproducing Piano.

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